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Our team advisor will attend to your queries : Email: splendidkutch@gmail.com

Resort Address: Hodka Village {Banni} - Bhirandiyara - Dhordo Road. Bhuj (65km). Kutch. Gujarat.

Resort Contact Number: +91.94298.21724

- We are 65km far from Bhuj.

- We are 13km far from Bhirandiyara Village.

- We are situated 22km before Great Rann of Kutch at HODKA VILLAGE.

Sales & Marketing Office: Splendid Kutch Holiday Care

For Booking Email Us Your Detail: splendidkutch@gmail.com, rannvisamo@gmail.com

Email: splendidkutch@gmail.com | W. www.splendidkutch.in

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