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About Rann Visamo Village Stay

warm heartedly welcome you all to a village stay concept. The stay is provided in the Bhungas and village cottages traditionally constructed by the Meghwar artisan family of Hodka Village.


Bhungas | Cottages | Tents

These Bhungas, Cottages though traditionally built are very comfortable and suitable for stay in all seasons. Those want to get experience in Tents, family also providing Tents in the village stays. The interior walls of these Bhungas are decorated with art of mirror – mud work, coloured patch work on the ceiling, all crafted by the artisans of Meghwar family.

Bhungas are circular in form with conical share of grass thatch, decorated with Mud Plaster. Bhungas are suitable for two people and one extra bed can place as per the requirement. It has Mud Bed, Mud floor with attached Bathroom.

Cottages are square in structure with terracotta Roof, decorated and painted with mud/earthen colour. Cottages are suitable for Two People and one extra bed can place as per the requirement. It has Mud Bed, Mud Sofas, and Mud Floor with attached Bathroom.

Tents are design based on pole framed and canvas structure which has a room, verandah and attached bathroom. Tents have fixed Double Bed and Comfortable for Two People stay.

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  • -Open space parking
  • -Reception all decorated with traditional mud work
  • -Room service
  • -Attached bathroom with hot/cold water
  • -Local guide available at extra charge for village walk
  • -Evening culture folk music program (*as per the availability of village artisans)
  • -Traditional style dinning area
  • -Buffet breakfast, Gujarati lunch and Kutchi dinner will be served complimentary
  • -Craft stalls
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Hodka village is known for its Embroidery work and Leather work. In Hodka village, Meghwar women are engaged in embroidery using different skills in embroidery “pakko”, “neran”, “kambhiro”, “applique”, and “jari work”. They also make quilts, bed covers, toran, embroider bags, etc
Men are engaged with leather work, the leather product includes embroidered mojadis (foot wear), hand fans, mirror frames, wall pieces, and laptop bags, and many more are made with traditional skills. Around 30 families of Hodka Village practice leather craft as their main source of income.

Mr. Bhura Mangal Khoyla family has seven sons who have been staying at meghwar hemlet and mainly occupied in artisanship since long. Mr Bhasar Bhura Khoyla son of Mr. Bhura Khoyla has been honoured with a National Award in the year 1985, Gujarat Kala Award in the year 1989 for his skills in “Leather Craft”, ShilpGram Award in the year 2016. He has visited Germany, Japan and England, through the Government of India. Mr. Sumar Bhura Khoyla another son of Mr. Bhura Khoyla also received Craft Award from Government of Gujarat in the year 1996. Also participated National and International craft exhibitions in different year, Mr. Bhasar Bhura and Mr. Sumar Bhura also represented Indian arts in Srilanka and Singapore and shown craft demonstration.

The Khoyla Family (Meghwar) also making Traditional Bhungas (circular huts), thatch work, traditionally crafted mirror and mud showcase their skills. One such bhunga is also built at Leipzig city in Germany by Meghwar – Khoyla family. The traditional Bhunga is considered an engineering marvel as it can withstand severe winds, dust storms and seismic activity. The Family of all brothers are staying in one of the Hamlet of Hodka Village, they are still staying in Bhungas, a centuries-old construction style in harmony with the environment and marked by mud floors and walls, and tapering thatch roofs that keep the interior cool during the hot season and warm in cold season.

Over and above, the Meghwar people are also associated with and having talent for music and hymns. Our hymns are based on Aaradhima. This Aaradhi vani Bhajan (hymns), Mr. Bhasar Bhura sang in London in 1990. At present, it is not in fashion. As far music, we are used to use and play Sitar, Kasiyu, Ghado which are our musical instrument. Our people sing/play Rasuda, Folk-songs, kafi.

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